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Bin Rentals Ottawa Website Development Proposal

Date: 22/03/2024
Client: Bin Rentals Ottawa
Prepared by: Virtualix Inc.

1. Project Overview and Description


Develop an advanced e-commerce website for Bin Rentals Ottawa. This platform will serve as a comprehensive resource where visitors can learn about the business, explore service offerings, and access detailed information and policies. Customers will have the ability to rent dumpsters, add services, and complete payments online, all through a user-friendly and smooth interface.


  • Create an intuitive interface with easy navigation.
  • Provide detailed information on dumpster rental options and additional services.
  • Integrate a secure online booking and payment system.
  • Ensure the site is mobile-responsive and SEO-optimized.
  • Offer customer support features, including contact forms and FAQs, to assist users throughout the process.

2. Website Structure and Pricing

Included in the base price:

  • Home Page: Central hub with an overview of services and unique selling points.
  • About Us: Company background, mission, and team information.
  • Residential and Contractor Dumpster Rentals: Detailed service pages for each customer segment.
  • Service Area: Geographic coverage and location-specific information.
  • Contact Us: Contact form, phone number, and email address.
  • Rental Protection: Information on insurance and damage waiver options.
  • Product Pages: Specific pages for each dumpster size offered.

Additional pages will be subject to an extra fee, ensuring flexibility to expand the website according to specific business needs.

3. Design and Development

The focus will be on creating a custom-designed, user-friendly website tailored to Bin Rentals Ottawa’s brand identity. This includes:

  • Custom Design: Aligning with the company’s branding for a cohesive look and feel.
  • E-Commerce Functionality: Enabling customers to rent dumpsters and select additional services during checkout.
  • Responsive Design: Optimizing the site for all devices to ensure accessibility and ease of use.
  • Security Measures: Incorporating SSL, data encryption, and secure payment gateways for safe transactions.

The development will prioritize providing a seamless and secure user experience.

4. Timeline and Milestones

The project will be executed over 3 to 5 weeks on an internal temporary domain to avoid disrupting the current website. The process is as follows:

  1. Information Collection:
    • Collect legal documents like privacy policy, terms, cancellation policy, and rental agreements.
    • Obtain branding materials such as logos, color schemes, fonts, and other identity elements.
    • Request high-quality images for dumpsters, products, fleet, team, and other operational visuals.
    • Gather written content for service descriptions, company history, and additional website text.
    • Compile essential business details like contact information and operational locations.
  2. Design and Development Phase:
    • Develop the website based on collected materials, focusing on a user-friendly, branded, and functional design.
    • Create an advanced version of the website for client review on an internal temporary domain.
  3. Review and Revision Phase:
    • Conduct client review sessions and implement necessary revisions.
    • Present an updated version for final approval.
  4. Launch Phase:
    • After client approval, prepare for launch by updating hosting servers and transferring the website to the client's domain.

5. Project Cost and Inclusions

  • Total Price: $3,650 + tax
  • Included in the price:
    • Website development with the specified pages
    • 1 year of premium hosting and SSL certificate
    • Basic SEO optimization
    • Creation of required email accounts for website functionalities, using Webmail and Roundcube
    • Maintenance and updates for one year (This service ensures the website remains up-to-date with the latest security patches and software updates, maintaining optimal performance and compatibility with search engine requirements.)

6. Payment Terms

  • 50% payment is required upfront to start the project.
  • Remaining 50% due upon project delivery.
  • After the first year, a yearly fee of $550 + tax applies for continued hosting, SSL, maintenance, and updates.

7. Future Scalability and Upgrades

  • CRM Integration: Integrate with platforms like Salesforce or HubSpot to manage customer relationships, sales, and marketing in one place, enhancing operational efficiency and customer insights.
  • WhatsApp Chat Integration: Allow real-time communication with customers directly on the website, improving customer service and engagement.
  • Chatbot Integration: Implement AI-driven chatbots to automate customer inquiries and support, available 24/7, enhancing user experience and operational efficiency.

8. Additional Digital Marketing Services:

  • Local SEO ($500 - $1,500/month): Focus on improving local search rankings with targeted keyword research and strategy, enhancing online visibility in local search results, and building local backlinks.
  • Social Media Management ($400 - $1,200/month): Setup and manage social media profiles, create and post content, and engage with the audience, tailored to the selected package.
  • PPC Advertising ($300 + Ad Spend): Manage PPC campaigns to optimize ad spend, target the right audience, and analyze performance, providing expertise beyond what the client could achieve independently.
  • Blogging: Develop a blog section with monthly articles based on strategic keyword research to drive continuous traffic and improve SEO rankings.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Google Analytics setup and monthly performance analysis.
  • Email Marketing:
    • Email List Building: Integration of sign-up forms and pop-ups on the website.
    • Monthly Newsletters ($200 - $700/month): Regular emails to customers to foster engagement and sales growth.
  • Tailored Digital Marketing Strategy: Based on the client’s budget, we will develop a customized digital marketing plan to boost online presence, sales, or lead generation.
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