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Woo Hoo!

Welcome to 139 Winterhaven Drive, Ottawa, On

Dear Mrs. Abeyat,

We are pleased to confirm the receipt of your recent payment for Phase 3: Construction Drawings of your interior design project. This marks the successful finalization of the project, and we are thrilled to have navigated this creative journey with you.

As per our commitment, here is the link to access and download your detailed construction drawings:


Additionally, we have updated the virtual tour reflecting the final design. You can explore it through the following link:


We advise securely saving the document and bookmarking the virtual tour for future reference and adhering to these drawings to ensure the lawful and accurate execution of the construction.

Should you encounter any difficulties or have further inquiries, we are at your disposal for assistance. Your satisfaction and the seamless transition to the construction phase are our utmost priority.

Thank you once again for entrusting VIRTUALIX INC. with your vision. We look forward to the spectacular transformation of your space and are hopeful for the opportunity to collaborate on future ventures.

Warm regards,

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